The Aussies: Mind the Wedges!

FX:AUS200   S&P/ASX Index
I show what happened after two wedge formations. Note carefully wedges do not rule the market. The create probabilities not predictions. Wedges do fail.

There is hardly ever a perfect wedge pattern. The most recent one doesn't look too great. Price can fall out of a wedge and rock back in as you will see. Therefore trendlines drawn have to be estimates.

From experience only, recovery from the base of wedges - when the happen tend to get closer to the notional apex of the wedge or exceed them. As I said, there is no rule - because these formations do not rule the markets.

Wedges often don't work. These descending wedges shown are in a bull market, hence the expectation is for price to recover. This market could be collapsing when looked at from a higher time frame. Therefore, I do not expect a good retracement up on the most recent wedge . But I'm always happy to be surprised. My strategy here, is to follow a 5 to 10 min trend up as far as it will go. That means, no targets.

I am aware of much that has been written about wedges out there by many a guru. I do my own thing with these formations. I also know that wedges go by different names. Call it what you want - the important issue is the general shape. I am not a wedge expert.

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