Bank of America is Shaping Up to Be Just Like PacWest

RizeSenpai Updated   
NYSE:BAC   Bank of America Corporation
When comparing the price action between BAC and PACW, it can be seen that both stocks exhibit the same price action, which is a Rising and Broadening Structure leading into the PCZ of a Bearish Alt-Bat, which all eventually came to a halt upon getting Bearish PPO Confirmation. This led to a breaking of the 21-Month SMA before ultimately flushing down to all-time lows after months of treating the 21-Month SMA levels as resistance.

The same price action can be seen on Bank of America; it is just 1 step behind PACW at this point in time, which is the flipping of the 21-SMA into resistance. The next step would be for it to crash below the 2009 lows.
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