The great BTC 2015 to 2021 bull run

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Yes, I said 2015 to 2021. This bull run did not start in 2018. It started earlier. How do I know?
It has been known to many, that the 2013 fractal matched the current bull run. But there was never any good explanation besides the crypto gods did it. Well there is a more earthly reason.

The pumps and retraces of the 2011-2013 bull run hit standard fibonacci numbers. And apparently, the 2015 to present bull run has hit the same numbers for each corresponding wave. Statistically, this is a possible if to compare two whole wave counts of one degree. Kind of like winning many horse races in a row. And the fibonacci numbes bear this out.
**For both bull runs:**
Wave (I)
Wave (II) = 0.786+ retrace
Wave (III) = 2.618 of wave 1
Wave (IV) = 0.50 +
Wave (V) = 2.618 of wave 1 (current wave V has not topped yet, so remains to be seen if it will also be a 2.618
**But it gets even crazier, but statistically possible.**
Many of the subwaves matched as well as shown in the chart below.
Now to imagine, that two separate whole Elliott waves of one degree, would merge to match one 2011-2013 wave, would pretty much be impossible in my opinion. So I conclude it must be one 2015 to 2021 wave. Plus, the Elliott numbers for a 2015 to present 2021 work very well, and are identical to the 2011-2013 bull run.