BINANCE:BNBUSD   Binance Coin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
We were able to detect to data ranges for BNB we came to a new prediction of three possible chart coming up on BNB community. From the Data range A BNB spiked from $32 to a new ATH of $332 and retraced back to around $185 that's about 1000% up and 50% drop off the ATH which is 500% from the first low. From the new low we formed an new Data Range B another bull run from $235 to first ATH of $616 WHICH RETRACED BACK TO $400 AND THEN BACK TO A NEW $690 before the dip season stated and BNB plunged back to $208 which few $ from the first low in DATA RANGE A! so we suggest three different moves which will be decided by the community on the next move of BNB road to $1000.

Check the chart and comment with the color of the prediction you feel you wanna go for!
I'm going for the green though