Recently I shared a chart for Bitcoin Dominance ( BTC .D).
Here is a follow up, short and simple...

I believe this chart will continue climbing until reaching 50 and higher.

The indicators, RSI and MACD , as well as the volume bars and the candles ( candlestick reading) support this.

Previous chart:
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Comment: BTC.D closed daily to the upside above EMA100.
It is the first time this happens since October 2020.

This is a strong bullish signal, specially if it can stay above this level.

EMA100 here is represented by the blue line on the chart.
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Do you believe alt positions will fall? Or that BTC will out pace growth of alts while alts do come up? There are a lot of open alt positions in my portfolio, some from you ;). Should we be closing alts and jumping into more BTC?
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@pikajew, Alts will continue according to their own charts and cycles.

Closing or not your position is something that you should plan before buying.

If Bitcoin moves really strong, the altcoins can have an initial retrace and then resume up.

Bitcoin growing is always good for the entire cryptocurrency market.
Any downfall caused by Bitcoin's bullish action is only temporary.
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pikajew AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, is that why you tend to prefer a stoploss based on a close on a specific chart vs a standard SL?
TheKitchenTrader AlanSantana
@AlanSantana, Exactly. I think some alts are finally getting a mind of their own. I luv $AMP as it solves the last piece in Satoshi's vision of having crypto spendable and its chart has deviated from BTC.
fully agree, good work as always fren ;)
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Guys some ideas about SNM Jack Dorsey hip this shit coin a month and not just him that is a 10x coin but what I notice is sinking like crazy and didn't recover at all.
Nice and clear
know i press that start button and realize why your reputation is this high, thanks namaste
I just made nice profits when hit 39K, but for now IΒ΄m exiting.