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The dynamic landscape of cryptocurrency trading is filled with a multitude of variables that traders need to comprehend to navigate the financial waters successfully. One such vital aspect of understanding is the relationship between Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) and Other Cryptocurrencies Dominance (OTHERS.D). This article aims to provide an in-depth insight into this relationship and its long-term trends.

Bitcoin Dominance: What is it?

Firstly, to understand the relationship between these two, we must grasp what Bitcoin dominance implies. Essentially, Bitcoin dominance illustrates the ratio of Bitcoin's total market capitalization relative to the aggregate market capitalization of the entire cryptocurrency market. Expressed as a percentage on a scale from 0 to 100, it signifies the proportion of Bitcoin's capitalization compared to the total market capitalization.

Other Cryptocurrencies Dominance (OTHERS.D)

Similarly, Other Cryptocurrencies Dominance (OTHERS.D) represents the total market capitalization of the top 125 altcoins, excluding Bitcoin and some other leading cryptocurrencies. It reflects how the altcoins are faring against the total market cap in the crypto market.

Correlation Between BTC.D and OTHERS.D

Now, the crucial question is, why should we care about these percentages? The significance of this relationship is revealed through the Correlation Coefficient indicator, which quantifies the degree to which these two indices move in relation to each other.

A Correlation Coefficient value of +1 indicates a strong positive correlation, signifying that both instruments tend to rise or fall simultaneously. Conversely, a correlation coefficient of -1 represents an inverse relationship, meaning when one instrument rises, the other falls. A coefficient of 0 suggests no apparent correlation, implying that the two instruments move independently of each other.

Historical data reveals that the correlation between BTC.D and OTHERS.D is often around -0.9. This suggests an inverse relationship where an increase in Bitcoin dominance typically corresponds to a decrease in altcoins dominance, and vice versa. This correlation is significant as it guides traders on whether to shift their focus towards Bitcoin or altcoins.

Long Term Trends

When we delve deeper into the long-term trend analysis of BTC.D and OTHERS.D, a broader picture begins to emerge. This broader view becomes more apparent when we visualize these trends, with Bitcoin dominance (BTC.D) represented in orange and Others.D in red, which allows for a clear discernment of an inverse correlation trend.

Over time, Bitcoin dominance, as depicted by the orange trend, has tended to display a downward trajectory. This indicates that Bitcoin's proportion of the total market cap has been steadily diminishing. In stark contrast, Others.D, represented in red, has shown a long-term upward trend. This indicates that the dominance and capitalization of altcoins are gradually rising relative to the total market cap.


Understanding the symbiosis between Bitcoin Dominance (BTC.D) and Other Cryptocurrencies Dominance (OTHERS.D) is instrumental for navigating the cryptocurrency trading landscape effectively. A clear trend, observable over the long term, shows a steady decrease in Bitcoin dominance juxtaposed with a corresponding increase in altcoin dominance.

This evolution might be attributed to several factors. One of these could be the proliferation of new cryptocurrencies entering the market. Another factor could be the progressive advancement of blockchain technology, which is steadily pushing the envelope of modernization.

It is essential, therefore, to regularly analyze and monitor the BTC.D and OTHERS.D charts. Spotting a distinct trend in either direction could offer valuable insights for your investment strategy. Attempting to follow these trends can potentially provide advantageous trading opportunities.

The beauty of Bitcoin's design lies in its transparency. Nowhere else is the flow of capital as visible as in Bitcoin. This visibility lends a unique perspective, providing traders a strategic edge. By embracing this, you can bolster your understanding of these market dynamics, facilitating more informed and effective trading decisions in the fluctuating world of cryptocurrency.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope it has provided you with a useful insight into the relationship between Bitcoin Dominance and Other Cryptocurrencies Dominance, thereby enhancing your understanding of cryptocurrency trading. Your pursuit of knowledge in this ever-evolving field is commendable. Stay informed, stay ahead!

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