As we have seen when BTC dumps gthe dominance level spikes up significantly and we have seen some nice green days like today after pullbacks, my drawing is pretty accurate so far and we could still see a little more upside in dominance to that peak at 48%. As we can see too this level is a pivot point and there is a good chance we reject off both. We are looking for that bearish double top to then hopefully resume this bullrun, there are lots of factors as you may have seen in my previous TA's we need to see RSI confirmed above the 50. point midline, EMA ribons fully twisting back bullish , the death cross reversal ie . 50 day coming back to get ontop of the 200 day. (Keep in mind those examples are for price and for the most past its reversed when talking about dominance). The MACD still has room to run up to get that double top pattern before ultimately crossing bearish , our blue MA is coming downwards on the orange but still has a bit of moving space. One more thing i like to keep in mind these sorta timeframes are so minimal compared to looking at a macro chart say in a couple years, this is just a small blip on the chart so try not to let emotions get to you thats what causes poor decisions! Not financial advice just my opinion!