Many are wondering why Alts Dominance is rising while BTC was dumping this week.

Well, we are at the end of the bull run, last 2 bull runs ended on the 2 of December and 18 of December respectively, so where do I think it will end this time?

After the 18th of December! Yes, the stock to flow model does work and history does repeat itself, specially when we talk about BTC .

Just like Gold kept its fundamental over hundreds of years, BTC will as well, because it´s just like gold after all, one could keep gold in their homes and hide from the government,

that happened many times in history where during crisis people would convert all they had in gold and hide. (I am not saying you should hide your BTC from the government).

But what is happening now? Our money is worth less everyday, our hours of work pay us the same. People are seeking protection, and when they understand that the volatile market is the best

protection they can have over years are they gonna leave their assets in FIAT money? I don´t think so.