BTCS looks Interesting trend and possible whale pump on way..

POLONIEX:BTCSTUSDT   Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token / Tether USD
Hello trading friends,

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token looks on a very interesting trend depending on TA, and it's possible that this coin can get a whale trend, because it shows a good trend increase, and whales saw this also. its a coin with low supply, and on this trend, it could increase 100% +

Will this become the new hype trend for the coming time?
Data will show.

# know that there is noting 100% into crypto, we follow all interesting coins, and when data shows a good TA and trends and increasing whale volume we check the trend.

Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Token where could the price go?
It's an interesting TA what the chart shows, and we never will know exactly, but there is more chance we could see above 100% increase depending on SPOT for the long term.

# know that increase trends can take some time, the most important is to manage the risk.

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# Manage always your risk, nobody knows the future - all depending on Data, trends, and whale effect
All our charts are not advice and you are responsible for your own investment