BTCUSD : forget about catching THE bottom... focus on essentials

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Hope this idea will inspire some of you !
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Too much f*ck for me, otherwise nice one. Thanks for that.. Let´s keep the basics!
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@be_rry, I agree ! Sorry about that.
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qfina PRO_Indicators
@PRO_Indicators, Was going to say the same, detracts from professionalism, one is too many in this context. Nice content though, though I would like to see how you drew those Fibbonachis if possible (methodology).
@qfina, you can pause the video and simply copy the ratios, otherwise you can ask the users in the discord channel (link in my profile), they'll be happy to help you find them in there !
qfina PRO_Indicators
@PRO_Indicators, I ended up doing just that (pausing and copying), it was more where you decided to take the points from that interested me, but that was my own ignorance on missing it the first time around!
@qfina, ahahah no worries !
Bitcoin bottom is really, really near

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Fantastic advice, it's sad there are so many so called PRO's on this site who are wrapped up in emotional triggers and traps. Time and time they show a TA that ends up being wrong. Just before this latest crash 90% of the TA's were calling LONG, they sighted a rising wedge. Many people would have been taking their advice that the bottom had been found at around 6K USD. When the market halved in a week all those who were calling LONG had flipped their call's and then preach SHORT. If you play the SHORT game now your playing into the hands who want to buy the current bottom price. I see this cycle on Trading View over and over. This is one of the all time great 10mins on this site. Now watch others pick this apart and attempt to sound like experts. That happens a lot here.
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BTC to test 5600$

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Inspiration achieved, really good video Phil - best I've seen on TradingView to date.

Majority of video's I've seen on here are from Bitcoin gamblers who think squiggling a few lines upwards = accurate technical analysis. Going to follow you purely because of the honesty you displayed in this video, well done.
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