Possible leg up in Elliott Wave count for BTC

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
I just analyzed the run up from bitcoin in Elliott Wave theory and it was quite difficult to define the last correction, as it is somewhat vertical. But continuing the Elliott cycle, there is theoretically, also due to the subdivisions seen in lower capitals, only 2 types of correction possible: ABCDE or a complex WXYXZ. If we would stay in the 'not so nice' but validated symmetrical triangle, we would have a ABCDE with shortened D and E correctional wave. If not, we could have a longer horizontal continuation which would get out of the ascending parallel. In case we are clearly going down the large ascending parallel, my Elliott count is wrong, and the ratio in divisions and subdivisions isn't correct. Though the abc subdivisions of the last larger correctional wave is in my opinion a higher probability, they are just shortened in to time and thus hanging on a horizontal level, which indicates again the symmetrical triangle.
Also we still have the larger inverted H&S preceding, with an outplay to 68 or 70K.. In white and visible wave, the first possible uptrend in a subdivision 12345 Elliott wave impulse.