BitCoin to Retest-20000

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Dear reader, You may see my last post where I analysed that BTCUSDT will touch 200 MA on daily chart when it was trading around 60000. Now I am doing another bold analysis where I say that it will retest its breakout level of 20000. This journey of course will not be straight there will be some rebounding and up & down movements most probably although it mat be soon also(Less Chances) but it has to retest this level of 20K as per rules of technical analysis . I don't do analysis frequently but once in while I do it for my own satisfaction and I do it as technical analysis is my passion. Follow only if you want life saving alrets. You can contact me for on demand analysis on any ticker. I don't expect anything in return. BTC will retest 200MA on weekly chart as it did previously on very important occasions.You can see the red dotted stars line on the chart. I also do important updates on DOGE,XRP, S&P500 , Crude Oil and Gold .


Things are going as predicted.
What is this? :D Veeeeeeeeery weird behavior if yr prediction will fullfill .... This is just incomplete bullish triangle .... don't overcomplicate the stuff
@Indra22, dear we just say probably let see.how things will unfold
Thanks for your analysis
drfarooqdow thetruthsayer23
@thetruthsayer23, welcome: Hope it helped you.