BTCUSD: Downtrend active in 3-day timeframe, target sub 4k

BITFINEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
We have a new downtrend signal in this timeframe, which so far has captured the moves since Bitcoin topped really accurately. We have ridden the move up from the April lows and sold at 9816.7. I now aim to enter shorts on retracement, which may come in the next few days, maybe grinding until the Consensus event, to then collapse rapidly.
What we can't be sure of is how far price will go, since apparently strong long term buyers have been accumulating Bitcoin on dips close to 6k. I think it's likely that these buyers get tested next, as we have already tested the strong sellers that lurked in the 9900-11000 range and they are in control currently.

Sentiment got one sided, before topping, as most traders still active in crypto were in profit and happy, and many recovered their losses from before and regained confidence. I don't think it's likely to go any higher, but it could also break above the resistance zone , in which case this short idea would be invalidated. Unless we go above 9860 again, price will most likely trend down from here onwards, and bottom as per the downtrend signal implications.

Very interestingly, this could lead to Bitcoin's ultimate bottom of the bear market, to then rebound and hold in the same 6-11k region for longer before breaking out, upwards by May or June 2019. This gives long term buyers a long time to accumulate positions at low prices, and short futures to hedge rallies, while building billionaire positions in the OTC market, holding coins securely, off exchange.
Let's see how it evolves, for now, we are in cash from 9816.7 and seeking to enter shorts with a rather tight 'stop' -note I'm not using stops to avoid telling my broker where they should make price spike to, to f### me.-


Ivan Labrie.
May 08
Comment: On request, someone asked me for a long term forecast:

May 09
Trade active: I'm short. Risking 1% if stopped.
May 09
May 11
May 18
Trade closed manually:
Covered short for now, will wait in cash...my aim is buying the bottom with all my remaining cash position, but I don't want to risk losing short profits. Cash won't make me lose money, if we retrace temporarily here, at best, we retest resistance higher, then fall again. I don't think this is THE bottom in $BTC. Too many bulls still, so, being in cash will pay off. Made an extra profit of 3.6% with the short, while being in cash from 9816.7. Was long from 7060 roughly, up to 9816.7 before.
May 19
Trade active: I'm long from 8200...
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