Bitcoin Analysis Update: Current Conditions July 23, 2018

Nick_Core Updated   
This is a quick analysis of current conditions. The 4 hour Doji we are looking at closes in about 30 minutes of this writing.

Tom Demark Sequential (T.D. Sequential)
Count: 9
Notes: Imperfect close on the 8.

Bollinger Bands
Position: Capped
Squeeze: None

Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA)
Trend Strength: Bullish, price position in relation to Moving Averages indicates Bullish. However it is overbought on multiple time frames.
Overbought/Oversold: Overbought

Chaikin Money Flow (C.M.F.)
Divergence: Bearish
Trend: Bullish but declining on the price action move up.

On Balance Volume (O.B.V.)
Divergence: Bearish

Stochastic (Stoch)
Divergence: Too long to technically be a divergence. Capped 6% lower than prior high reversal.

Relative Strength Index (R.S.I.)
Divergence: Too long to technically be a divergence. Capped 20% lower than prior high reversal.


There are several Bearish divergences on some of the higher time frames, however we are seeing some signs of a bottom transpire on the daily. We are not completely there yet though.

Looking for a retrace (Below) to the Tenkan-sen (Conversion Line in orange) and then a drop down to $7,276 shown in yellow below. As this happens I will be evaluating the divergences I see on higher time frames to consider if we will drop further to the Kijun-sen (Base Line in pink) or if they will fix themselves.

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Also I am watching April 24th and this current action very closely.
I am getting hate mail over my analysis yesterday. If you are wrecked (as people claim) over a $600 (at worse) move opposite of my publishing time then you are using the wrong risk management & portfolio management.

I provide analysis and I do not tell people to trade it. I provide MY analysis & what you do with it is up to you.

At the time I did not provide a entry/stop because it was an analysis not a trade idea.

If anything I prefer people read my analysis to learn so they can make their own analysis instead of using mine & other traders to trade upon.
To everyone who commented on something positive here, thank you. :)

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