Trading View - all depends on what you want to see

Trading is all about winners and losers. A Trading View (thanks @TradingView) is all about how you see the charts, time frames and risk.

When I called the move down back in March, it was not that I was Bearish, wasn't stirring FUD - it was on the back of being Bullish from 2011. As a professional investor, you need to take the good with the bad, the highs and the lows and of course profit when the market moves up and down.

Many newer traders see BTC as a battle between the Government and the people, they see the regulators vs the crowd. The Bears and the Bulls!

This is Jedi master vs the dark master.

Truth be told, if you learn to appreciate the powers at work - you can indeed profit from both sides. I often read the chat in TradingView as find it funny how the bias is only ever Bullish, people have one view (9 times out of 10) and seem fearful of the bigger picture being a little more bearish. The charts have been very respectful the last 18 months, what seems crazy, wild moves on the smaller time frames are actually only playing to key levels on the larger times. ** If in doubt - zoom out **

Look back a few months and see the posts from March; you will see it made a whole lot of sense from the Elliott roadmap perspective;
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The before:

and after;

Same as the rocket call; Press play on the idea.

This was all based on the distribution of a large scale Wyckoff Schematic;
Which played out as a textbook example.

So when you look at the charts, just remember Bullish doesn't always make you a Jedi, bearish isn't always behind a Vader mask. Learn to use the force and it becomes a lot more enjoyable!

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