Before the increases come, everyone will sit in silence. 🕗52day

Hello everyone,

Are you already loaded? Bullrun right there!

During the accumulation a flag was drawn, possible continuation of the downward trend after the retest from below (red line).
The consequence will be a drop to the next shopping zone of $ 29,500, where there is strong support and many BUY orders.

A dozen or so days ago, everyone was counting on this decline, now, after 52 days of accumulation, the mood has changed.

If the price breaks up and breaks 0.382 Fibonacci, we should easily reach 50k, then I will be convinced of further increases.
Increasingly higher lows and lows will be a great confirmation of a change in the trend.
Then I will also create a futures order, which I will inform about in this post.

Bitcoin moves in the zone between 45k-33k. A year ago, during the last similar moves, 42k-29k. So does Bitcoin today have 3k-4k bottoms higher than recently?
This would prove the creation of a higherlow, in a very long term it would be a great proof of the creation of a SUPERCYCLE.

- SayMoney, so buy or sell?
- At times like today? Let everyone answer for himself.

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