⚡️ #BTC OUTLOOK - 19/07⚡️

INDEX:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
⚡️ #BTC OUTLOOK - 19/07⚡️

Bullish: Bearish

Been keeping an eye on the Pi Cycle Indicator recently and it looks like the bottom has come in. This thing has called a perfect top consistently.

Like with all TA and Indicators nothing works 100% of the time....but so far this has worked 100% of the as always in trading probability is pretty much your only companion.

Check this one out - it is a free indicator on Tradingview search "Pi Cycle Bitcoin High/Low" by NoCreditsLeft - give it a like too for making an awesome tool!

Coupled with the timing between the halving's and also a big buy signal on the Alpha Wave on the Weekly we could be looking at a potential bottom.

Excitingly also S&P500 showing buying pressure

🔸 S&P500 corporate insiders are in the heavy buying zone.
🔸 This has historically led to very attractive returns in a 6-12 month time frame.

BTC is and has been correlated with the S&P - so this will likely spill into BTC . Very promising signs

*Data not verified so please DYOR

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