Bitcoin might crash to $5000 in 10 days

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
The rings that are the same color are part of the same fib circle. You can see back when we dropped from 6k to 3k price pushed up the yellow ring and was rejected by orange ring. The same thing just happened, price pushed up yellow ring and got rejected by orange ring (i have this marked with arrows). We are now moving down the white ring and as you can see when we crossed the blue fib circle bitcoin crashed not long after.. We are coming up on another blue ring that is from the same fib circle and we will hit that ring in 10 days at current price. If price drops we will hit it sooner. Just play it safe, if you are in btc have a stop loss set!

I will have the shareable version of this chart available on my website, you can find my website address by clicking on my trading view profile.


this chart needs more lines
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FX_Mafia bedarija
@bedarija, Thought i was tripping when i saw this lol
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wtf is this shit
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Dude! you need more circles!
to send everyone into a trance!
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Wtf is this
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I think i can see planet earth and mars in this chart ;p
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I got eye cancer and super aids from this nonsense. If you are guessing, just guess, why bother to draw nonsense?
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If there were no numbers, I'm sure someone could put it in an art gallery.
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Way too many people in the comment complaining about the amount of lines and not ANALYZING it. It's called Technical Analysis not Technical Complaining haha now are ya gonna ADD to the discussion or just state the obvious.
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This is not TA, is just random lines to justify your own tale
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