BITCOIN VIDEO UPDATE / JULY 20th / Lambos or Toyota ?

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Hello everyone, i ran out of time on video (its hard do capture everything).
I didn't have time to put elliot wave on impulse but like i said, i dint really use elliots until bullish move up is confirmed.
I would have to see strong pass with nice close above yellow resistance line.

I think We will see a lot of price action between 7775 and 6700 closing triangle slowly, im still bearish for next months and hoping for great bull run later in late 2019 and/or 2020

Im sitting on my shorts now from 7660 and have 1 more short order sitting at 7775
i will probably start closing shorts at
- 7055
- 6860
and build long at support between 6860 and 6700

ill let you know more details once we get closer but thats my plan for shorts now.

IF we bounce up from here and go above 7780 there is cluster of resistances, im not planning to put stop loss on this position now, unless i see strong bullish action than i will reevaluate everything and let you guys know.

Thanks for support, if you want notifications on my Analysis you can follow me on Twitter @LorenCrypto

as always, happy trading and Good Luck !!
Take Care !
Comment: Closed half at 7286 for nice profit
Comment: Added to short now 8142
Comment: Added bigger one at 8345

Not adding anymore
Hey Greg. Quick one on your thoughts on the different cases. It appears that the obvious bear count has now been invalidated and that we are now potentially heading into the larger 2 of the bull trend. This could be heavily to do with the ETF news and Fomo around this, however none the less, the bear view is looking more and more un-likely. I was just wondering, if you personally can now make a case for the bears or whether you also are leaning to the Bull case more and more? Interested in your personal observations and how this may change your medium term perspective :-) Cheers mate