The Biggest Pattern We're Following with BTC

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
As you can see on the chart, this might be an obviously huge pattern we're following on the weekly candles. If we are following this pattern, currently we are in the beginning of the number 3 cycle on the chart. We haven't had the 2nd and 3rd cycles after the big parabolic rise to get into the huge crash in 2014 again yet, assuming we're following this pattern.

To make things clear:

1-We've first started with a parabolic move until the 4 months of crash in 2013.
2-Although, the crash ended and it took about 4 months again to reach the previous all time high in 2013.
3-Another little(!) parabolic leg upwards forming a new ATH at the end of 2013.

4-We've been into a bigger correction which started a new parabolic cycle until the all time high of 20k in 2017 and then been into a correction going on for 4 months, from which we've broken out recently.
5(soon)- The crash has ended and it will take about 4 months from last month-until August- to reach our previous all time high in 2017
6(soon)-Followed by another little(!) parabolic leg upwards forming a new all time high at about 100k$~
(Probably September to December)

and finally; 7- After we reach 100k, we might have an uber crash until 12k which will take years to form.