Bitcoin- Sell this technical rebound

COINBASE:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
As it was normal, Bitcoin has started to correct.
The overall trend remains grossly bearish and I looking to sell this rally
Resistance extends to 32.500 and only a daily close above 33.500 would finally put a stop to this drop
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Unlikely - today saw the Stocahstic RSI cross up 20 after an extend period of 50+ days under 20. Transitions would not normally exceed 30 days.

This move today informed the market bears are exhausted with Glassnode showing an increased volume of Bitcoin leaving exchanges these past 48 hours.
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RamzaBehoulve without_worries
@without_worries, I wouldn't be so sure if I were you.
without_worries RamzaBehoulve
@RamzaBehoulve, Glassnode data is indisputable. Prior to the sell off there was more BTC sent to exchanges. Since 5 days almost the number of BTC leaving exchanges exceeds that arriving. If you never look at price action and just this Glassnode data alone you'd time market tops and market bottoms perfectly.

If there is less supply we're going to need some monster FUD to push prices back to the lows we've seen recently.
how can you sell at this point???, pointless !
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LA_Designer matiasmatias1
@matiasmatias1, some people like to short at the bottom :-)
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cyllan matiasmatias1
@matiasmatias1, he doesnt publish his success rate to people of his telegram, he says he doesnt know, he would know if he made money
I agree about what should happen but I do not believe it will because fundamentals today are strong, Elon will make another impact, lets see in which direction it will push the price.
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@BIG_VAS, look what happened to snl ……
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aquario77s CryptoYoungOG
@CryptoYoungOG, yes, but this is the opposite, Elon talked Doge up, he's talking Bitcoin down. So if you want to follow your own logic, it's going up.
ffara CryptoYoungOG
@CryptoYoungOG, two different situations. Dogecoin has no intrinsic value and Musk is screwing around trying to pump its price - literally all he does is share a meme about it. Bitcoin on the other hand, it's bullish and a big deal if one of the world's most valuable companies will allow consumers to use Bitcoin to buy their products. Not in the same stratosphere.