Dogecoin- Can it drop 50%?

FTX:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / USD
All currency market is weak, and Dogecoin is no exception.
At this point, the coin is trading exactly in support and in my opinion, this support is TOO OBVIOUS to hold.
A break here can generate panic selling and 0.085 can be the target.
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BTC will reach $25,200 and Doge yes around $0.08. From there rally to $42k top. Watch it we just broke the resistance at Doge. Great post mate!
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OptimoomFX LordOfBitcoins
@LordOfBitcoins, thanks for sharing your thoughts
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CryptoYoungOG LordOfBitcoins
@LordOfBitcoins, I like your profile pic XD
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LordOfBitcoins CryptoYoungOG
Yes! Agreed, the support is way too damn obvious. If trading was this easy, anybody could do it. I am look for 0.09 at the lowest!
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@Sirsiu, yes, that zone...
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Wow... so much for the hype coins / tokens. Easy come easy go? The only saviour for Doge appears to be Elon Musk. Let's see if he comes to the rescue in the coming days with some sort of veiled statements.
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OptimoomFX brianmeaney
@brianmeaney, thanks for comm
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I like this one mate!
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OptimoomFX TheSignalyst
@TheSignalyst, thanks for comm