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If the Bitcoin get down to around 20,000 again, it will be good opportunity to buy bitcoin at lowest price before going back up to well over 100,000, This might be your last opportunity to buy the cheapest bitcoin possible

This is my personal view.


Hey if we can go from 19k to 3k anything’s possible. Sure would be a great opportunity!
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MicWoodsFX EasyCharts
@EasyCharts, Exactly :) Don't miss out the opportunity if it comes to this
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laxmistocks EasyCharts
@EasyCharts i feel level of 10k eould be coming
EasyCharts laxmistocks
@laxmistocks, man that would be amazing!
cryptos dont work like forex, its very very unlikely well see a return to 20000, if anything it will continue to get stringer
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@NasBaz, You're right it doesn't work like forex which is why i stated in my personal view and if the price do actually fall to 20,000 it will be good opportunity to buy more while there cheap

I think bitcoin value will drop big soon before it reach to 100k or even higher
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@NasBaz Well price may repeat itself Oct2017-2018
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MicWoodsFX rgandiibrahim
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if it go to the 20k i hope to reach 100k rapidly
MicWoodsFX wakefulExpert82516
@wakefulExpert82516 it might do ;-)