Pure trendline breakout strategy; Manticore Investems

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Pure trendline break strategy is based on indicators:

Tradelines with Breaks (FREE) - TwB
Position entry signals, trendline breakout. We look for signals on the ~h4 interval.
We take a position on lower intervals when we see entry signals there as well.

Order block Detector (FREE) - ObD
Generates us support and resistance for the price (red - sell, green - buy)

Pivot Based Trailing Maxima & Minima (FREE) - Pbt
Helps determine the current trend of the market on a given interval, serves as an add-on
informing us about market trends. In the green zone - buy, red - sell.

SuperOSC (FREE) - sOSC
Informs us about the strength of the market at a given moment (on a specific candle)

In addition:
LuxAlgo Price Action Concept (PREMIUM).

Strategy description:
Basically we trade after large signals generated on h4/d1 intervals.
When we take a position we look for the optimal place to enter from m15-h1.
We use resistances and supports as SL/ TPs .
Trading style: scalping / daytrading.

Ideal entry setup:
1) Signal generated on the h4/d1 TwB interval.
2) ObD secure our position / ObD do not interfere with a potential sell or buy
3) The trend set by Pbt agrees with the direction we are playing. (Green zone - buy / Red zone - sell).
4) The candle after which we enter is not drawn on the sOSC

Examples below:

H4 interval buy signal:
1) Pbt - Green buy zone
2) TwB - upward signal
3) sOSC - the candle that generated the buy signal did not cross the dashed lines

When we take a position we go down to lower intervals to best estimate SL:TP

H1 interval:

H1 interval buy signal:
1) Pbt - Green buy zone
2) TwB - upward signal
3) sOSC - the candle that generated the buy signal did not cross the dashed lines

Estimation of risk and timing of exit:
Risk estimation:
1) We use ObD to determine the optimal risk, they serve as resistance to the price.
2) We set positions below the buy / sell zones from Pbt
3) We go to lower intervals, set SL under the TwB level of the opposite trendline

Determining take profit:
1) We play out positions to supports or resistances generated by ObD
2) We close the position when we see that after the close of the h4/h1 candle the sOSC is drawn above or below the dashed line
3) We can close positions when we see that the movement is losing strength and there are opposition signals to our position on low intervals.

It works best to close positions after reaching ObD supports/resistances in conjunction with a drawn-out sOSC.

LuxAlgo Price Action Concept indicator (PREMIUM), serves as an aid in determining the strength of a given support or resistance (the higher the %, the stronger the resistance)
Tradelines with Breaks (FREE) - TwB
Options: Show only confirmed breakouts

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