8367 - the magic value.

orbborrison Updated   
BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
This is probably the most important value
one should consider in this position...

The nature of algorithmic trading makes
this level very important for a
wave model analysis.

See the charts below...
Comment: I'm saying that there's a very high probability
of bouncing between 8300-8400 right now.

Get it? See this:
Comment: 8430 - most common bearish algos
are set to sell below this level
Lsell = (8400-1/4*100)...

*see the redactions... in the chart)
Comment: *to sell ABOVE, of course, SORRY)
Comment: Anyway, 7.7k is possible; 8300-8400 flat, then pump on Monday is possible too. Indecisive market this is.
Comment: Has the corr. ended? ask this chart: