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Hello friends.

SO yesterday we all or most of us crypto enthusiasts steering for BTC 40K, and now because of Mr. Eion broken heart,๐Ÿ’” all the coins are selling off.

Do not get manipulated, we all know what ๐Ÿ‹ want, they want to buy low and sell high and we should too, not the other way around " not financial advice".

now we have a crystal clear view of where is the support and where is the resistance

36000 is a support
39000 is resistance

I am bullish and you know it that's why I want to see the market breaking 39K and closing outside of this wedge , also above the trendline resistance.

please do no think we are in an uptrend now, the way I see it we are bottoming, and most of the money that moving bitcoin is scalping money, quick in, quick out.

with regards to other coins, If BItcoin sneezing, ALTs will catch cold

be careful do not panic.

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All these people saying great chart on a hardcore Bear pennant. Too many people getting and giving bad advice. We're going to 20k see ya'll there...
+7 Reply
TradingAxis Killrb13
@Killrb13, anyway, for me, we double bottomed as long as the second touch came to test the close of the first touch, but it depends if you have really backtested these kinds of setups and if you really trade them profitably, however, I am entitled to my opinion and you too, and that whats make the market, bull, and bears โœŒ, the lines I have on the chart is support and resistance not a wedge "FOR ME"
Killrb13 TradingAxis
@TradingAxis, You drew a wedge, it's right there in your face lol.
Terrible bulltard analysis. Zoom out.
+3 Reply
Killrb13 Burnedalive
@Burnedalive, Why even zoom out its a pennant, that means bears inbound....
+2 Reply
TradingAxis Killrb13
@Killrb13, Relax, you are entitled to your opinion and sharing your ideas on your "PAGE" โœŒ
Killrb13 TradingAxis
@TradingAxis, I'm perfectly relaxed. I could have called you a "bulltard" like the other guy lol. You have no idea what you're talking about and there's too many people like you on here getting people rekt. This is a simple bearish technical analysis and you called it bullish. Stop calling what you want to see and read it right. Sorry you dont like to hear the truth โœŒ.
+1 Reply
TradingAxis Burnedalive
@Burnedalive, Thank you for your feedback on this, let us keep an eye on the market
My technical analysis shows that you are correct!
nice work
+2 Reply
TradingAxis SignalProvider
@SignalProvider, thanks for the comment, let us keep watching