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Bitcoin is approaching the median between two Gann levels, while the Elliott count shows 5 waves to the upside (green count), coming to a completion.

The blue box is the 50-60% retracement area of the entire previous wave. The 20 day MA (green MA) is another element that may provide resistance.

Uranus will form a trine with natal Saturn on 24 SEP. Not a major constellation in itself, but Uranus has special importance for BTC in general so that we may watch out if bearish momentum unfolds.

Should price consolidate below the red diagonal trend line , this will be very bullish . However, statistically a wave (1) retraces at least 60% so that we should rather expect an ABC correction back to the 41884 Gann level, which then presents another opportunity to build long exposure.

Another idea is to stay out of the expected twists and turns, and sell option premium for income until we can forecast an expansion of volatility again. If you’d like to trade options, you can use the link below to get a discount on Deribit, the largest (=most liquid) crypto options platform, but any other exchange will do as well if you take care to trade only the most liquid expirations and strikes.

Correlations: Watching the QQQ for a potential bearish reversal is important today. When markets are in fear, they correlate.


In my analyses I combine Elliott waves , Gann theory, and planetary aspects to identify turning points in the markets & derive high-probability trading ideas. The strategy is to build leveraged exposure when markets are likely to expand (momentum), and to use options premium decay for consistent income when markets may contract (range).

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