It was hard to imagine that the May 12th Fractal was Elon Musk's Tweet About BTC . But that my friends how future works. We don't know what it maybe, but it is coming and you need to have a plan when it does!

If any of you followed me - know that i always concentrate assets before the possible bear correction. It helps with the mental stress and it helps managing assets that much easier.

So if before the bull we diversify and look good cheap assets, as prices spike we take profits, rotate and consolidate. Why? Well if you have not noticed yet, but crypto markets move together. Just like stock markets. Everything is BTC .

If you don't get this yet, let me explain quickly if you are holding 60k in LTC actually you are holding 2BTC and not 60k of LTC, you may think you do, but all blockchain is SATOSHI - period. Until this changes, you always have to think in BTC terms and not your Favorite **** coin valuation.


So It seems, we have corrected our 3-4 wave with a rapid A -B - C pattern. They are brutal nasty and take no prisoners. And the worst thing you can do is take a LOSS, but if you did buy at the top, it seems you have much to learn about the markets work, and probably should learn a lot more from Trading view and online sources.

So Bears Won the of May, and they finally got that money back from attempting to time the market. They finally thing the bear hit crypto, but they are not sure if that is true. China was a gift from above, but is that enough for bears not to take those juicy gains?

If they smart they should have already taken out or lowered their short positions!

We hit their first FIB target that we saw in MAY as possibility, so they are happy with that, but they also see another possibility for a deeper correction, which of course is a trap for armature bears, or lagers who trying to catch these quick profits but on bear side - only to see get wrecked as bulls are quick to pounce on oversold assets.

Why you say i am so certain ? Well, first, we all saw incredible bounce of 50-100% on some assets. Indicating bulls are very much in command of the market, but they also happy with these quick gains, and don't mind if price decline to create ADAM - EVE pattern. See chart for demonstration.

Always understand the principle of Demand and Supply. And the reason prices find their support after strong 2-3 bull rally is because as price decline, demand increase as sellers evaporate and buyers grab everything they can via bids and asks. This is the foundation of support.

Lets look at MANA as simple example from a price perspective, not need for ta.

Long accumulation at 8c average, Explosion in price 1-2 wave, buyers , 2-3 Growth, 3-4 correction of due excessive valuation and increased sell pressure, but 4-5 wave is determining the new support range of 50-70c, but for those who have accumulated at 8c 50-70c is still incredibble regardless of what is happening to the price, because the accumulation phase was and is for LONG term asset allocation.

Same goes for ALGORAND, that went from 20-30c to $1.6 to 70-80c as support , also ZRX, XRP and many other assets including ETC. LOOK beyond technical and see that the Dimond hands and those that believe in technology are looking at the long terms and don;t care at the price at this point, as they accumulated assets is already 3xto 9x higher where it used to be.

And i am not even talking about DOGE or ADA.

So yes, crypto punks, we are still very much in the bull market it just we are in a 3-4 Stage of the market. BTC is still going to 180-240k maybe even 300k this year.

I will say it again and again, Invest in technology and teams, if you are crypto bullish . IF you are just speculating then yes, doge and other shits will do just great for you in the bull market. But if you are not careful, bear will eat you alive from the inside.

Don't overtrade, simply concentrate. We don't over trade in the bull market, we - buy : hold : Sell gains, and buy Dip and repeat. It is in the bear market we trade actively.

JUNE: 5, 10, 27 , new June 19 fractal, July 6, 14, 18, 28
Hourly fractal unlike daily are within 4 hours error

Well, That escalated real fast. Overall May report was accurate by a few key factors:

1: We have identified that the Momentum for 2.618 which failed and we only reached 1.618
2: We have identified for possible double top and saw for a possible FIB bear targets
3: WE also so that bullish channel that broke and created a massive 50% dump on a lot of crypto Assets
4: This have concluded a 2-3 wave, and we are now as expected a 3-4 wave

Thus June and maybe July will be a 3-4 market until we get to wave 4-5!

So overall, I believe i have called the market conditions in may correctly, additionally from my Mid April report(Stream), I have called that prices for BNB and other assets were just ridiculous. Thus creating the scenario of bulls dismissing potential for risk.

Just like one my latest TA for DOGE

Always know where you buy an asset in the market, and know what you have to do , either hold and close or take profits.

It is always easier to hold an Asset when it is printing you green. ALWAYS aim for this state of hodling.
Rarely should you hodl a losing asset.


BLUE = Bear/Resistance || Yellow = Bull/ Support
Lines: Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation.
the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~

/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

Feel free to request: your coin to be analyzed! Please keep those Stop losses in place or mind!

Thank you, and stay strong my fellow CryptoPunks!
Future belongs to the brave, and crypto is the future.

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This is the final drop on the support line, here the trend will be defined for the 3 months. HODL strong everyone
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