Dr Evil Bitcoin Masterplan

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Why is Dr Evil so evil?
Some say its because he wants world domination,
To fund his plans, he needs to get your bitcoin ,
But they are way too expensive... He already spent most of his fiat on that super lambo-laser he is so proud of
So Dr Evil is sending all his henchmen around the crypto globe with a simple task:
Bring the price of Bitcoin down so he can buy cheaper

He is already half-way there, and here is the blueprint of his evil deed

The plan has been designed with the help of his ally and super-villain Ralph Nelson Elliott a.k.a "The Corrector"
The plot would lure more bulls into a rally to $2400 range and trap their coins into a wave down to $1200 range

Be prepared for a fight back

Comment: Biggest assumption here is the time scale... could happen at a much slower pace
Comment: It seems like Austin Powers may have come to the rescue. He infiltrated Dr Evil's lair, stole his plans and shared them with the community on reddit and twitter.

As a result, the bull confidence was regained and weak hands bitcoins didn't fall into bad hands.

Good Job Powers! Badger may be safe to fly back to previous highs. But let's not keep our guard down, Evil might have another secret plan in the making...

To be continued...


This is prime example of Elliot double 5th wave extension! A wonder to behold and takes some very GREAT analysis to even anticipate it. Now that it's over we can look back to previous wave 4 lesser degree and possibly wave 4 of even lesser degree back to the $1,200. It's can still be.... Look at July 1988 Soybeans and the pattern is evident to end at maximum highs of $11.00. The actual high was $10.995 because the previous close was 10.595 and the market was in extended price limit moves... From the highs of $10.995 Soybeans corrected back to the $4.00 plus level over extended time that wears out the bulls! Thanks for your sharing your work....
worst call ever xD