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BTC has Done a Correction in the recent days! but if we take a closer look at small time frames like 2Hours we can see that BTC has started a Sideway Trend which is still reliable! as you can see in this timeframe the Price has touched 44K several times but Bulls didn't let It fall Below There! and bears of course Didn't let the price reach above 47K! now the Price sits around45k which is near to the bottom of this New Sideway channel! there is also a Regular Bullish Divergence (+RD) on Both MACD and RSI indicators! now The price can easily Increase to 47k once again! If a Bullish Break out happens the price can reach 52k once again!

-BTC is in a sideway Trend in small timeframes(2H)
-it is ranging between 44K and 47k!
-now the price is at the bottom of this channel with (+RD) on both MACD and RSI .
-If a Bullish Break out happens. the price can reach 52K.

Traders, if you liked this idea or have your opinion on it, write in the comments, We will be glad.

Things can change...
The markets are always changing and even with all these signals, the market changes tend to be strong and fast!!

Thank you for seeing idea .
Have a nice day and Good luck
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Hey bro.But bearish rectangle its more possible.
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Bitcoin bulls are bullish no matter what.
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@ram4nd, ✌✌
RyderJ ram4nd
@ram4nd, Well, it went from worthless to over $60k.....with price predictions like $100M why wouldn't you be long term bullish? Still waiting for $20K??
ram4nd RyderJ
@RyderJ, It's a bubble and it is losing momentum to go higher, also technicals in bearish. But that's just my opinion, meaning I won't short a bubble.
after breaking range zone pump is ahead
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T_V_TreeTrader MMBTtrader
@MMBTtrader, thank you a lot
it all depends on what the whales decide
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I have the same view, thanks for sharing💪
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T_V_TreeTrader FieryTrading
@FieryTrading, You're welcome, good luck