BTC Log Cycles - Based on Halvings

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Experimenting with Bitcoin high time frame log charts, I began to notice some patterns.

Please note: This is a work in progress and by no means financial advice.

Highlighted in yellow are two box areas, the rest is built around them. The similarity appears striking, imo. Does this mean the chart will continue to produce and follow these patterns?

Log charts are generally meant for and used with curved lines. However, when one finds a straight forward geometric pattern between the last 2 major cycles and this one, based on halvings... couldn't help but continue to explore, and hope this is interesting for you too.

I will continue to monitor and update, if this chart and pattern continues to make sense as it unfolds, and will attempt to simplify so it is easier to read. But wanted to post this before going to sleep, and again, this is only a work in progress. Any feedback, questions or suggestions are welcome. Best.

Comment: These 2 BTC high time frame log channels is what inspired me to dig a little deeper. Looks like there is something here, more than meets the eye?

Comment: Also, want to give a shoutout to @BTCINVESTING (not sure how to link to someones profile yet, or 'tag' them in a comment - still new here to TV).

But here is his chart, that helped make me look at the higher term BTC log time frame in a different way.

Def check out his work: