unsatisfying πŸ‘Ž
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@tahashhh, WHY?
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tahashhh Yuriy_Bishko
@Yuriy_Bishko, u still believe in fall? due to the current price breking the 31k resistance so easily?
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@tahashhh well, that's the reason why you should be bearish right now. Something's wrong here, there is just not enough volume in the game. I don't say that the new uptrend is starting, but it's too early for that kind of statement, some major resistances need to be broken. And one more thing, the market is exhausted right now, we've been bullish for so long and each time we failed. As for long term we're bullish for sure, but I think that something weird is happening and the only right thing to do now is to wait for confirmation of the break either up or down.
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Thank you Yuriy I have had the same thoughts, almost no volume!
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@Pak22, It was a crazy fakeout. Everyone was expecting it to go down a couple of days ago with a candle closing above 29k. It seems like the whales are trying to manipulate the movement. They closed all their shorts that time too.
This is a perfect Wyckoff Spring in the Accumulation phase. Your charts seem to ignore the TR we've been in over the past months, no idea why you got rid of those support and resistances. But please be careful shorting
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Barrabert vincekramers4518
@vincekramers4518, He is a momentum and trendline short term jump in trader. Do not expect longterm views from him.
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It has to make a support above every break out line. That is for me important.
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this is due to the London session, but it might fall again , as te London session is tricky
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