Crypto Decouples From Stocks. Is the "Flippening" on its Way?

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On Friday the (currently volatile) stock market rallied a little, putting Wall Street somewhat at ease. But an interesting thing happened that day that never happened before - crypto assets actually went down, instead of up.

If you're a crypto holder you're probably prefer to see the pattern reversed, but it's still an interesting pattern worth exploring further. If crypto and stocks are finally "decoupled", does this mean that when stocks go down next time, crypto is going to go up? If so, when the recession hits later this year, it could mean good things for the crypto ecosystem, long-term. The "flippening" may well be on its way.

Many investors are waiting to see what happens on Monday, when Wall Street opens up again - the fiat markets are likely to go down again in response to Friday's rally, at least in the short-term. How will crypto assets respond to this event? Will it move in parallel again? Or will it do its own thing?

Also a few comments about Tezos (XTZ) and Dogecoin (DOGE) that displayed independent movement on Friday as well.