1H Chart. BTC Squeeze, Explosive Move Incoming ?

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hello friends, latest update on the last analysis which was exactly as visualized.

1. There is ongoing squeeze for $BTC, one-hour chart. Massive battle at the $46k region between the bulls and bears. Pressure is building either way.
2. I had to use a Channel for clarity. You can see on the chart, back and forth Push-n-Pull forces acting on Bitcoin at this range.
3. If Bulls win, we breakout upwards this channel, and EXPLOSIVE price shoot will happen.
4. If Bears win, breakdown will happen, a significant drop will happen. Strong support will hold only for the time.
5. Key candle for upward confirmation must begin at $46,500-503 $BTC price. Watch out

If all else remains constant and NO government FUD… this analysis will remain valid.

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