Bitcoin 10k crash! Reposting from Aug 19, 2023

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This is a republishing of my original post of title:

Bitcoin 10k crash‼️ - 🤔 will it happen? Can it be avoided?

The original version was removed - for reason I care not to explain.


I wanted to do an update to my original post and below you will see what charts and findings including the original post from August 19th to help you decide on if you want to invest.

Please be advised.

🚫Do not allow this to frighten you into selling, or consider this as financial advice, understand the risk and understand this may be hypothetical so bear with me BTC -fans or any of those that follow my content, take this with a grain of salt.

Like, laugh, make fun of this prediction, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of my findings.

So by the 19th to the 20th of this month, we maybe in more trouble than we think, we may need to start the recovery process soon as this is effecting a great deal of the market and not just cryptos if this issue is not recovered soon - or - see Bitcoin fall in price to the range of 10k by September 25, 2023 or late October 2023.

I will add updates to this post as it progress.

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Below the current status of the market today.
Original post August 19, 2023

Bitcoin 10k crash‼️ - 🤔 will it happen? Can it be avoided

Good Question


Maybe💸we'll have to wait and see.

But first - 🚫Please do not allow this to frighten you into selling, or consider this as financial advice, understand the risk and understand this maybe hypothetical so bear with me BTC-fans take this with a grain of salt.

Like, laugh, make fun of this prediction, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of my findings.

So by the 20th to the 21st of this month which is tomorrow to be exact for us investors to see if it does start to crash, at the moment it's showing signs of recovery, but I been in this market for 4 years and when I say anything can happen it can and will, so don't think that it won't, just be ready for anything, but yes it is likely to crash if we can't recover by the 21st until the 11th of September, it might just skyrocket tomorrow but highly unlikely, but we won't know until closing August 19, 2023.

However we maybe in more trouble than we think, we may need to start the recovery process soon as this is effecting a great deal of the market and not just cryptos if this issue is not recovered soon - or - see Bitcoin fall in price to the range of 10k by September 25, 2023

Next question is can it be saved:

Answer is: YES!📈
If and that's a huge IF! It can recover by closing today and tomorrow on the 20th and work it's way back to the 28500 range, we should be fine.

As of August 19, 2023 - BTC is consolidating as of today and some movements suggest it's getting ready to pump up-words, with hopes of salvaging what was a seasonal bull run up until october, so we won't know until tomorrow on the 20th or the 21st if it will recover or drop further down to the 22k then following that the 20k and then further to the 10k.

So Fingers crossed it rises to the 28k or 29k.
I discovered a week ago but didn't want to spook anyone or call a tool for predicting the weather.

Because I thought I was crazy when I first saw it 5 days in the making, but I didn't realized how bad it really was until today and how soon it might be coming.

Read on to understand the outcome in detail.

we have until today and on the 21st of August to know if it'll crash back down on us or not, and if not will it skyrocket back to a bull run.

Signs are pointing to a no it's going to crash but this consolidation that's happening today is encouraging but terrifying to think about if it fails.

BTC Weekly chart
August 19th 2023
Now here's where the real issue comes in at and people think it's not going to happen but the chart says it all.

The S&P 500, and the origin of the crash we experience on the 14th of August 2023 was in fact the Speech that took place by Jerome Powell, causing heavy losses and forcing BTC into a major bear season that will continue until January 2024.

This is bad for majority of the crypto market including ETH - XRP - etc and the chaine layer supported Alt-coins like Shib - Dodge - PEPE etc all going down to prices like shib falling to the 0.00000100 or less if the S&P 500 crashes again by September 25th, 2023.
Now for the current time and a update to Bitcoins possible crash to the 10k

I'm not trying to advertise I'm basically warning BTC - fans and many other cryptos investors out there be ready because winter is coming - late September 2023 early october is the crash bottom date - what happens afterwards is unknown, the date for the 10k likely sooner near late september.

It's still coming down to the 10k for a fast drop - one shot then recovery to the 15k - 20k. There's nothing stopping that once september 20th is here. What will happen next is unclear - my guess BTC will be stuck at those numbers gradually dropping and losing more momentum by the weeks end, returning to 10k or lower till it reached the lower $5,000 mark. However that is not likely to happen and if it does not likely to last as the Bitcoin Halving date will be in April 2024, this will give BTC some much needed boost, and just in time for the up incoming presidential elections.

The 2024 Halving event does take at least a month or two just to show any positive effect on the market, hopefully both BTC and the S&P 500 will be out of the bear seasonal trend and work it's way into a bull seasonal trend. But if the Halving event fails to give BTC gains, be expecting more downtrending until mid to late 2026, as that is the year the Trump administration tax cut bill will expire, this will be both a good and bad thing for the market as this will likely have a massive panic seller event take place on January 2026. Depending on what party is currently holding the presidential and congressional seats, I foresee the crypto market making much gains in the later months of 2026 as the dust settles and those who see the death of the American dollar come closer to a climax thanks to higher taxes.

BTC and all of the crypto market should see a mass populational investment by those who grow tired of the high taxes and want access to things such as bitcoin that is not fully government regulated.

But that's a long ways off and is meant for future predictions.
But for now Bitcoin and the overall market is crashing to unprecedented lows that has not been seen since 2016 - 2020 and majority of these events will take place due to the current obstacle that will affect not just the crypto market but the entire stock market and wall street as a whole.

An that Ladies and gentlemen is the federal reserve and they're by monthly meetings, and we have at least 3 more to come.

🕵️Set your due dates BTC Fans

The next Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting will be held on September 19-20, 2023.1 The FOMC is the monetary policy-making body of the Federal Reserve System, and it holds eight regularly scheduled meetings during the year, as well as others when necessary.

So you know what this means if BTC - ETH - XRP and others fail to rise pass 0.00000900 by the 18th of september.

Expect early Sell - offs at least 1 hour before the meeting takes place, and expect post sell - offs including panic selling if the speech fails to deliver a positive response to force the crypto market and majority of all markets to move up.

That's not all, expect at least a 2300% - to - 3500% percent drop - that is if shib is currently trading at 25800.00 it will collapse to the 15000.00 by the end of the week due to so many sell-offs if the Federal speech cause a negative effect on the market such as announcing more price hikes for the wrong sectors.

Be expecting an extraordinary long recovery time from 1 month to 3 months.

When the Storm passes, we'll have more speeches to come that can either damage the market further while in a bear season, or help the market rebound with abundant good news.

These are the current remaining dates for the speeches these also match the chart placement for idea price locations for 2023

Meeting dates are

September 19-20*

🎰Current expected trading in decline trying to rebound, as the market is now officially in a bear season so recovery will be very slim if not possible to happen or last long before crashing back to the lower levels.

October 31-/November 1.

📉Expect BTC and other to be near their lowest numbers to date btc at 15,000 and Altcoins like Shib inu to fall to the 0.00000300 or even in the -0.00000100 if it has failed to rebound by the 18th of september.

December 12-13*

📈Nearing the end of the bear season before a bull season starts we may experience more loses before the holidays.

Today is September 4th - here is another look at the week chart to identify possible stopping points, aligned with the prediction site 30rates, and my own research to get the best possible areas for when this crash will likely take place.
⚜️Good fortune to us all⚜️

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Happy Trading.
Update, made this for a user question, so I would show what I believe may happen if Btc does not bounce back soon.

Week chart predictions - I create multiple paths for multiple outcomes so hopeful neither will happen but still expect the unexpected.
Also to help understand what we could face in the next 10 days if BTC don't get it's act together.

BTC day chart possible paths to the 20th of september so it's up to you the buyer, and the holders - if you want to take the risk or not.
BTC Day chart paths

Hola Bitcoin fans

Today is the countdown to US Federal Reserve Speech being held in the US at 08:50 EST on September 20, 2023.

So there is only one day left before the due date for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Speech which will decide the fate of Bitcoin and the rest of the Crypto Market, currently on the day chart for BTC is on a high run and is trying to push for the 28k to 30k mark, however; during the last 2 days before the 20th of September 2023, the BTC and much of the market has seen a surge due to a few welcomed announcements such as the The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI report falling in the crypto markets favor as the released on the 13th of september. CPI Reported: US Inflation Rises to (3.7%) Higher Than Expectations which is good for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market and the past week has shown the effects of such promising news.

However; the US Inflation maybe good for Bitcoin - sadly it's not a good thing for the US Federal Reserve and their committee, as of the 19th of September, they will rule on whether or not the US and the mighty dollar will see an increase on the dreaded word of more price hikes, which will affect a great number of American sectors with majority of all markets including Crypto expecting a mass exodus of market traders nationwide.

So this current run of High trends may be completely derailed if the US Federal Reserve decides we need more sanctions - forcing would could become a 5 day sell off timeframe for BTC - ETH - XRP and many more including the alt-markets as much of this will take place within the first hour before the speech even begins.

But that all depends on what tomorrow may bring to the tides either for or against Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market.

Unfortunately - thanks to many attempts to hold a strong position on the 27,500 to 26,000 range - this may have actually forced a further crash that may not end until BTC has reach the 20k mark or lower if the speech falls out of BTC favor, however; if the speech either bring good news or no news at all which is still good news, then be expecting an explosion of highs, starting to the 28k to 29k or higher.

Good news is:
BTC won't fall to the 10k range, at least not today, the most we may see is the 22 to 20k range at best and may start to work it's way back to the 25k range.

Bad news is:
we still have 2 more speeches to go and BTC is still in danger of dropping to the 10k as the monthly chart is in a downtrend heading to the 10k range, I will post that chart for future reference.

They say September is never a good month for Crypto we may find out soon enough.

Below is the 4 hour chart for the next 3 days showing possible expected paths we might be taking - be expecting a drop come 00:00 est to the 26800 and perhaps sharply pulling back to the 27000 as bulls and bears fight to maintain this position until 08:00 est.

Goodluck and Happy Trading

4 Hour Chart:
Trade active:
Current day chart for BTC September 19,2023 - possible paths.
1 WEEK chart possible paths for the next 3 months closings.
The US Federal Reserve Speech time has been pushed up and is being held in the US at 02:30 pm EST/ 14:00 hr EST on September 20, 2023.

That's already a bad sign in my opinion but best to stay optimistic about the situation.
It is now 20:00 hrs EST after the Federal Reserve Speech - took place - Key take aways: Things are looking positive as stated by the Federal Reserve Chairmen - as he answer some much need and important questions on whether or not price hikes will be present - but to be expected as for the second time in a row no actions will be taking but will be hinted at forcing a hike if needed as stated.

Jerome Powell speech: Another rate hike can be appropriate (but for now more data is needed to be conclusive.)

What this means could be anything, from the chairmen - but at this point getting the sense that the committee does not want to rock the boat until such time is needed to do so, perhaps in January when the quarterly reports enters it's first season.

So now the question is: What's next for Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto -

Well luckily enough this is not the first time Jerome Powell speech was not a trigger to set off heavy sell offs - this is also the same thing that he stated in his speech on August 25, 2023 - it sparked early sell off from fears of another price hike, however; the real drop did not take place until the 26th of August, by that time BTC was in the recovery range and still was forced down from 27000 to 25800, perhaps we may see something different this time around as BTC is currently above the negative mark in the day chart, and recovery may be present even after the fact no price hikes were mentioned.

The next question is - are we good to buy, answer is (Yes) (Maybe)
We're currently seeing some positive high runs in the day to 4 hour chart but would be advisable to short sell as the 4 hour has reach multiple peak overbuys for the past 2 days, and will likely crash further to the 26k - 25k Bitcoin will need a large rally to prevent further dropping but once the 4 hour chart has reached a lower peak - it should be safe to buy. At this point I deduce that Federal Reserve may not announce any further price hikes until next year, so we may start to see some positive returns to the 28k to 30k within the next few days to weeks. That is if the Bulls don't decide to become bears when the US government shuts down.

So currently we are on the green path as seen above in the day chart.

So set your due dates for the next Federal Reserve speech come October 31-/November 1
Day chart path we may be taking - Green

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