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Have you considered what happens if BlackRock, Fidelity, Michael Jackson and all the other newly created Bitcoin stars start selling Bitcoin?

Let me ask you this and please, be honest, let's have an open discussion because we need this.

➖ Have you noticed that all these "Bitcoin Spot ETF" have been buying billions and billions and billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin and yet Bitcoin is not trading at new All-Time Highs?

➖ Have you noticed that Bitcoin is literally not trading at $80,000 nor $100,000 and yet billions were bought and nothing, in fact, Bitcoin is trading below its previous peak price hit 12-January.

And we go back to the beginning... When the Spot ETFs were approved, the next day we saw the highest bearish volume in many months, a strong "top" signal... A warning sign. Also remember the "Michael Saylor bought Bitcoin" ads which is an ominous omen.

What happens if the richest people in the world, the new Bitcoin stars decide to sell?

I mean, they can sell right?

Let's say they bought their Bitcoins at $40,000, GrayScale did some discounts or $38,000, even better... Over-the-counter, large sums, etc. You fill in the blanks.

The market goes to a healthy 45/46K and they can make a quick and easy 20% on several billions... (Just by selling, consider the profits potential on the SHORTs) Then people panic sell as the crash takes place and they are ready to buy up down below... Is it possible?

That's my questions for you today... Just to promote some thinking; Maybe to inspire some ideas...

Thanks a lot for blessing me with your time and attention.

Thank you for reading.

We have a new set of numbers for LONGs/SHORTs liquidations, the metric that helped predict this bounce.

Initially the numbers were skewed toward the long side.
➖ If Bitcoin moved up to ~46,500, more than 1.3B of SHORT positions would get liquidated.
➖ On the other hand, if Bitcoin moved to ~38,500, some 900M worth of LONG positions would get liquidated.

I shared these numbers a few days back... See how it changed now, the change is extreme!

(UP) ➖ If Bitcoin moves up to ~48,800, a little more than 750M worth of SHORT positions would get liquidated (~50,000 = 828M).
(DOWN) ➖ If Bitcoin were to move lower and hit say ~38,500, 9.58B worth of LONG positions would get liquidated.

The numbers are now skewed towards the bearish side.
The liquid is now down there...

Get ready!

If all the Bitcoin Spot ETFs combined now hold 30B, with Bitcoin's market cap. sitting around 930B, then their entire holding, all combined, amounts only to around ~3% of Bitcoin's market cap.

There are individual players in the market that hold more than that.

It took all those giants —the newly created Bitcoin celebrities— an entire month of daily buying to reach this amount.
How long would it take to double their holdings and how high would Bitcoin prices go?

Are you aware that it would take billions upon billions to push Bitcoin to a new All-Time High?

While we can all guess and speculate, which is what we are mostly doing in the comments section, Bitcoin is still trading within a lower high compared to 11-Jan.

👉 Bearish potential remains intact... In fact, if we get red in the coming days, the lower high is confirmed and down we go.

We are bearish on Bitcoin right now by the way.
Not because this or that, just because the chart says so.

This time will be different?
The giants will jump in to safe the masses?
The billionaires and corporations planning, years or end, investing and all just to give away tens of billions of dollars to average joe?

I love the world... But we are not there just yet.
The billionaires will pull the rug, the bottom 99% will have to pay the tab when it all ends.

Be smart, be wise... Be prepared.

Help me interpret this information:

➖ If Bitcoin moves to ~53,000 about 800M worth of SHORT positions liquidate.

➖ If Bitcoin moves to ~40,400 about 8.59B worth of LONG positions liquidate.

Aren't these numbers skewed big time?
It was the contrary before Bitcoin moved above 46K.

Below 40K we are now talking more than 10B.

I am not sure if I am interpreting this information correctly but when it was the other way around, prices went up in search of liquidity... You know the rest.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Bitcoin just hit a new high but we continue bearish for the month of February.
Patience is key!

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