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📈After a long consolidation, the first coin hit a new local low, leading to massive liquidations and unrealized losses on the market.📈

Many are already expecting March 2020; many flip to USD, but not 🐳

As you can see from the first Glassnode chart, capital does not surrender but builds up muscles.

The number of coins in whale wallets approached 75% of the circulating bitcoin on the market. Downtrend does not scare them but only opens an opportunity to buy more coins.

We also see a massive outflow of coins from exchanges, already exceeding 2k BTC per day, which says only one thing:
Bullrun on the cryptocurrency market is only a matter of time.

Best regards EXCAVO


this is just another green candle in a downtrend. You can´t declare spring just because a single swallow.
what is going on with you guys??????
Stop listen this kind of clowns, do your own plan.
This influencers only want you to lose money.
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CryptoTlatoani CryptoTlatoani
@CryptoTlatoani, No one does good for free, no one is going to give you information so you can benefit from it.
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@CryptoTlatoani, No one is ever 100% certain about any idea. That's why these are ideas. Calm down ya clown.
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apsnt CryptoTlatoani
@CryptoTlatoani, Someone said, since the mood/bias hasn't completely changed to bearish, it means that the downtrend is not completely over yet.

That being said, maybe you could have avoided that pejorative expression.
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Hot21Chicos CryptoTlatoani
@CryptoTlatoani, If you would not ignore facts regarding whales acumulating, you might not post this bitter comment.
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alperteam44 CryptoTlatoani
watchtrend CryptoTlatoani
@CryptoTlatoani, nice trend, hope to see your update about SKL
Agreed, but a panic attack below 30k seems to be on the menu first.
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the first Glassnode chart?
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