Bitcoin Channel Shows ready for Parabolic?

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Hello Dragons,

Our Current Channel shows we are still on track and still uptrend!
We are near on the important key level
if we break and close below the channel we may see more further pullback.
if BULLS manage to protect the key level we will see more green candle in daily very soon.

as the Altcoins are pumping and as seen from the past when altcoins start to correct, bitcoin will dump too.
or else if market favor btc , btc will pump due to btc pairings.

its important to make the 1 Day Candle not to close below MA9-7
if we close the 1 day candle below the MA 9-7, We may see more sells pressure. and we may target around 8800-9k level
Bulls might try to pullback to 9.2k when that happens, but most of the time they will get rejected even if they successfully pullback.

So get ready for big action, we will see very soon.

if you ask me i will short using X1 if you dont know what will happen in the market and Put a SL, use Bitmex,huobi who have a btc contracts instead of usd tokens.
so either btc go up or down, your money is unlikely in risk.

anyway good luck

lets hope for the best!


Comment: while XRP,ICX corrects/dumps, BTC and other coins pumped!