View of full-time trade's view of the BTC/USD chart on June 20

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Hello. 16th posting of ideas.
I'm Korean trader J.


Oh, yesterday was the day of the week, so I thought I could fall more strongly, so my view became more flexible, and Beat was busy bothering me.

I think it's like this until next week.
I think it's going to fall.

But it has a rough sketch of the possible patterns and the perspective of waves.


In Korea, bitcoin's bullying movement is described as "Lhort".

a compound word of "short" in selling position and "long" in buying position.

I didn't want yesterday's move to be "Lhort".
But Bitcoin didn't let me down and gave me a "Lhort"
I think I'll give it to you again today...

Today's main point of view is yellow and sky colors.
They say they will draw a longer downward curve.

Right now, I'm posting my ideas in the morning.
The unit price is here, so we're in.
I don't think I'll give you that seat again.
It's already gone.


If you're curious about my point of view additionally,
Give me a message or write a comment easily.

It's hard to understand because it's a translator.
If there's a tail-style surge that doesn't support after three o'clock, we'd like you to either delete all the other RBIs or enter at a smaller scale when you can respond.
We believe that there may be a rise in tailoring that cannot be responded to.

So keep only the $9530 shot, and get plenty of breakage for $9570.
The tail can pull it down in a long way over the pink pavilions trap.

It is essential to make sure that it is supported by the body of the candle.

Some cleaning should be done when it falls, as it is highly likely to rise if it receives candlelight support.

If you trap your tail up and down, it can fall deep.

My main points of view, as I explained in my old ideas,
It is a combination of actual transaction volume and various other factors such as market status.

I've put some of the things on the chart that can come out with the probability of a pattern.

I've incorporated some of Elliot's wave theory.

I'm going to finish this comment on the idea.
This is one of the patterns I can't count in detail.

I know it is the most complex and ever changing pattern.

So I judged this in the first place.

I was looking for different patterns and different conditions.

Because I don't know the perfect condition for this pattern to be made.

I couldn't say anything I didn't know.

But now the market is drawing too much to rule this out.


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