BTC Wyckoff Distribution. Are we sure the pattern is complete?

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Short-Med term bearish , long term bullish ( i believe this cycle still has to finish correcting before we can start accumulating foe the next one).

Just my own opinion but I'm seeing that everyone is all bullish because we've just had a pump, & people are now thinking we're in the Wyckof Accumulation phase.. Are we forgetting that the Wyckoff Distribution has 2 big tests on either side & all look rather symmetrical? The one earlier was not big enough to be that, & the leg down not long enough. You couldn't call that one a "Fakeout test", it was just a re-test. Wyckoff Distributions commonly have a last big Fakeout to exhaust more retail supply & induce one more big shorting opportunity before coming down to consolidation & accumulation phase. Are we forgetting too that sub 50% is a cycle correction? Most parabolic pumps correct 60-80% before accumulation, both in micro & macro. 2017 ATH corrected 81% before finally ending correction late 2018. This has happened alot quicker, & there is more institutional money this time so i wouldn't expect an identical correction but we have to expect that an end of cycle is generally more than 55%. So i feel that this isnt done yet, this is a test, & the Wyckoff pattern & head & shoulders still has to compete before the next cycle can begin.

Another thing i would add is ive been following the chart with a Fib Spiral since just early January, just after the retest down after the first big test. The same pattern that forms waves, clouds etc. By the time we got to Wave no 3 i noticed the wave peaks were plateauing out, in line with the shape of the spiral. I had a big feeling Wave no4, 64k was the peak but i didn't trust my own judgement cos im still learning. But by the time we got to Wave no5 i realised that the bigger wave, the whole cycle, was about to break. So i cashed everything to stables & ultimately avoided a whole lot of pain. So given the whole cycle seems to be shaped by the spiral, the fact that the first big test up, on the upside, & the recent big test up on the downside, are almost identically opposite each other at around the same price level, rings major alarm bells for me. They look far too symmetrical to me to be a mere coincidence, & remember symmetry is such a common thread in chart patterns, head & shoulders /double bottoms/double tops ect. So i think there's a high chance we haven't finished our correction from ATH yet. there's too much adoption & fundamentals now for it to be a full 80% correction like 2017, but i think 65% is highly likely.

We also have to take into account the fact the announcement just after NY trading hours finished, on monday, the same day of the biggest buying volumes in months, that Tether is being taken to court by the DOJ over fraud, something they will have a harder time defending than Ripple over the SEC. So its highly likely that the sudden trading volume was Tether insiders & Bitfinex hurredly offloading Tether for BTC in advance o the announcement. Given how much Wyckoff activity is all market insiders i find the coincidence between the pump & the announcement on the same day very suspicious. So again, another reason to believe that this "Breakout" is a fakeout & not a trend.

Tread carefully.. But of course the much bigger picture, across cycles is still up.. 2017 ATH corrected 81% & then the next ATH was 13-14x that. So if we repeat the pattern then the next ATH is about 260k. But i dnt believe that will happen for another year. And the sooner we finish correcting, the sooner we can start accumulating, & the cheaper the buying will be.. Tread carefully, don't FOMO in, wait a little to see what happens. I'm certain this correction isn't finished yet..

Take care & look after yourselves :)