Bitcoin (BTC) - September 21

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-When falling below 19424.9, the main position is 'Short'.

-19424.9-20794.4 section is a quick response section.

-When rising to 20794.4 or higher, the main position is 'Long'.

On June 18, we touched the 17670.0-18374.1 section and touched it on September 19.

Therefore, this time, if the price is maintained in the 17670.0-18374.1 section or more, it is expected to rise.

However, since the Stoch RSI indicators are entering the overbeage section, it is necessary to make sure that the price is maintained in the 17670.0-18374.1 section or more than that.

It is also necessary to check whether the CCI wire is maintained over the EMA line.

In order to switch to the upward trend, it is necessary to maintain the price above the HA-Low indicator.

Therefore, it is necessary to rise above the section of 19607.9-19930.6.

(To reduce fatigue in looking at the chart, we disabled indicators in the MRHAB-T indicators that inform the support and resistance point.)


-The big picture
In order to gain the power of ascension, I think it must be supported in the 13k-15K section.

Therefore, both short -term response, whether rising from the current position or falling, is required.

The full -scale rise is expected to start by more than 29K .

------------------------------------------------------ ---------------------------------------------------

** All descriptions do not guarantee losses in investments for reference.

** If you share this chart, you can use the indicators normally.

** MRHAB-T indicators include indicators that display support and resistance points.

** Background color of Long/Short-S indicators: RSI overreagy, overlooked section mark
** Background color of CCI -C indicators: When the short -term CCI line is -100 or less, when it is +100 or more,

** OBV indicators have rewritten by applying the formula to the indicators of OH92. (Thank you for this.)

(Short -term STOP Loss is a point where you can preserve or enter additional gains and losses by split transactions. It is a short -term investment perspective.)

Comment: (BTCUSDTPERP 1H Chart)
Compared to section A and section B, you can see that the time B is smaller than in section A.

In order to compare this, we refer to the decline in the CCI indicators.

This story can be interpreted as a weak power to fall.

Therefore, if it does not fall below the mid -term decline line (1), it is expected to be converted to a rise.

In kind, margin, and gift trading, you will be trading in the short and long term perspectives on the day, the short and long term according to your own investment style.

Therefore, if you make a steady profit no matter how you deal with it, that is the best way.

In order to create a trading strategy that fits your investment style, you need to make efforts to modify your trading strategy by making your own trading strategy.

This effort should start now, where the coin market is almost on the floor section.

Even if it falls more than -50% in the future, if the coin market turns to the rise, it is likely to recover quickly.

Therefore, it is the study of the decline to make a trading strategy while continuously doing cash without exhausting.
Comment: (BTCUSDTPERP 1h chart)
Comment: (ADAUSDT 1W chart)
The key is whether you can climb to the 0.5184-0.6834 section.

Therefore, it is recommended to proceed after confirming the support in the 0.5184-0.6834 section for full-fledged buying.
Comment: (STETHUSD 1D chart)

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