BTC Cup and Handle (in Progress) - Not Exactly Textbook

We have a new high above the rim and a handle in process.

We are are above the Axis of the Logarithmic Channel that describes BTC's Bull Run from Hell.

We are above the Support of the price with the most volume during this Cup formation.

The only thing is we have ATH as a resistance above.

Otherwise there is nothing stopping BTC reaching the Textbook target of 73k described by the previous Cup formation that Musk and his tweet pumps ensured closure.

Top traders on Binance are 3 to 1 account heavy long and Open Interest isn't showing signs of decease.

Shorting at this point could prove expensive.

Good luck
Comment: We are now below the axis of the logarithmic curve although still hugging her.

We are now below the max volume support.

Bears are winning points.