The bullish perspective

CADSGD has seen an interesting 4 years we have been range based from 1.00-1.10 with our last trim to 1.00 being around last April.

Since then we have seen 3 Lower highs (LH) form in the market around key areas of 1.10, 1.075, 1.50

From its last test of 1.00 the market has seemed to gain speed upwards with the trip from 1 to 1.0475 taking 105 days at a 4.73% increase and a 165 days at 6.15% increase from 1.25 to 1.75

We have seen this market has broken 2 lower highs and seems on pace to be reaching the 3rd.

Keep a look out for price reaction around 1.10 is we can find support above 1.110 we could be looking at a value low 1.10 value high 1.20