Cannabis Coin Crazy Numbers (135,858% Profits Potential To ATH)

AlanSantana Updated   
Cannabis Coin (CANNBTC) is one of those small market cap. altcoins that are available for trading on Bittrex... I want to show you these "crazy numbers".

One huge crazy mega pump, CANNBTC went up by as much as 135,858% compared to current price... This is completely out of the normal and crazy but can be entertaining and profitable to participate and watch.

We have a strategy where we load up, long term, on small market cap. altcoins to massively profit when both Bitcoin and these altcoins move up. We measure this in years time. It is a long time, but a small purchase and really grow.

Apart from the crazy numbers, CANNBTC is starting to look bullish and can move soon.

We have an active trade for it which can be found here:
Feel free to take a look.

Trade closed manually:
Cannabis Coin (CANNBTC) will be removed from Bittrex.

"The BTC-CANN market will be removed on May 24th, 2019"

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