USDT -CANN CannabisCoin - Alt Coin Analysis - Point System

Alt Coin Analysis - Points out of 10

Perspective Matters!

Date : Since 2014 ( 8 / 10 )
Volume 24 H : 3 BTC ( 2 / 10 )
Available Markets* ( 1 / 10 ) Huge Risk
Social Media Rate ( 3 / 10 )
Ranks ** - 870 ( 2 / 10 )
Website ( 1 / 10 )
Type Cannabis Coin

Overall ( 2 /10 )

Please review my previous CANN coin analysis as well to get a better idea.

Even though, I joined crypto Nov 2016, I didn't touch this coin until April 2017.
Everyone was talking about POT, Cannabis and Marijuana in stock. I invested in POT, CANN coins instead of stocks. I made a right decision. The benefit was huge to take the profit on the road.

However, Most of people joined crpto after Aug 2017, Every-coin was pumping Bcash, OMG, Neo etc, They thought it will last forever. They didnt know what is taking profit and TA!

They had to learn that the hard way.! Most of them already gone. The rest of them is 80 - 90 % down from ATH or over 50% down from their initial investment .

So, What is next?
if a big brother / dad ( BTC ) doesnt save them, They will go extra 50 - 90% down. Most will die! A few of them ( Stratis, Wawes, Tron, XRP and Bcash ) didnt want to take help from BTC and recovered their recent loss.

It is the last change for over 90 % ALT coins. Please be careful with your investment from now on. If BTC doesnt break the downtrend-line and can not stay above MA 200 , So much blood will be on the crypto streets!

Please check " " . It is from the previous ATH.

Dont fight with a market / trend , TREND is your friend. Be a friend with it.
Always remember, You are fighting with other traders not a market/ trend.

1 ) If you are not investing minimum 1 hour per day in crypto, You should always wait the confirmation before making any buying decision ( dont try to catch the bottom )
2 ) Take lose quickly
3 ) Dont averaging down
4 ) Wait 1 day or 4 hr candle ( open -close ) to take any action
5 ) Check coin / USD and coin / BTC before buy & sell

I am still in a big profit in crypto but I dont want to give them back! You should do the same!

* Considering top 10 crypto exchanges
** Top 100 coins on coin market cap get 10 points
Trade active:
Still waiting for the market decision!
Hey Guys,

I started to be more active on twitter. Let's get connect there as well.
Trade active:
At a resistance level, It is so important!
Trade closed manually:
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