CARE, A great opportunity and currently my favorite stock.

NASDAQ:CARE   Carter Bankshares, Inc
A little bit about CARE:

Carter Bank & Trust provides a range of retail and commercial banking products and services in Virginia and North Carolina. The company also offers loans, such as secured and unsecured commercial loans; secured and unsecured consumer loans for financing automobiles, home improvements, education, and personal investments; real estate construction and acquisition loans; fixed and variable rate mortgage loans; and insurance products. In addition, it provides safe deposit boxes, direct deposit of payroll and social security checks, and automated drafts for various accounts. As of May 18, 2020, the company operated 99 branches. Carter Bank & Trust was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in Martinsville, Virginia.

Reasoning behind why it is my favorite at this time :

Care is my favorite stock on the market right now and I see it as a stock that could easily grow by 100%+ the following months but also has the benefit of being a very stable and safe investment that somehow has not climbed up like the rest of the market after the march crash.
I can see that there are some volume has been very low which explains why the stock has not moved up (lack of demand/ volume ). I believe this is because traders are largely unaware of the stocks existence, I think CARE is an undiscovered gem.
This presents and huge opportunity for traders. Not only is CARE extremely undervalued, but it’s price has mostly moved horizontally since March 18th. Through this time CARE has maintained its support trend line perfectly.
Recent earnings report out on July 24th beat by 87% higher than expected (estimate was +0.09 eps , actually earned 0.17+) , yet the stock was still largely unnoticed. Amazing.
Furthermore on July 31st CARE announced today that beginning July 28, 2020, certain directors and executive officers of Carter Bank & Trust have entered into stock purchase plans for the future purchase of the Bank's common stock, which is certainly bullish but also has seemingly been missed by traders.

Analysts 12 Month Price Target:

Wall Street analysts have issued ratings and price targets for Carter Bank and Trust in the last 12 months. Their average twelve-month price target is $10.50, predicting that the stock has a possible upside of 44.83%. The high price target for CARE is $10.50 and the low price target for CARE is $10.50.
I personally would not be surprised to see some volatile price action come in very soon with CARE . At this time , support is around $7 and resistance is near $10.50.
This Is a long term hold for me , solid growth company with very low debt, lots of cash, good future outlook, and a high level of sustainability.

Here are some important fundamental metrics (as of August 20th 2020):

Ma Income: 26. 40
Market Cap: 190.88M
Book per share: 18.00 (Price per book: 0. 40 )
Employees: 992
Short Term Debt/Equity: 0.00
Long Term Debt/Equity: 0.00
Avg Volume: 96. 92K
EPS this Year: 462.30%
EPS next Year: 0.31
EPS ( ttm ): 1. 01
P/E: 7.21

Who is holding this stock :

14.45% % of Shares Held by All Insider
32.97% % of Shares Held by Institutions
38.53% % of Float Held by Institutions
(110 Institutions Holding Shares)
52.98% held by retail traders.

I Like to see stocks that have a decent institution holding percentage because it can help to prevent unwarranted sell off of a stock and price tends to be more stable which we have clearly seen as CARE has continued to hold support so well , I think that CARE has a healthy level of institution/insider holders .

Trade closed: stop reached: Looks like we still have much more downside upcoming in the market . I still really like CARE but I will watch for a re entry , probably sometime in Oct/Nov, no point in bag holding .


NAK1987 PandaBull
@PandaBull, Thanks for the link but that is a completely different company and ticker. I don't see how that has anything to do with CARE??? I read it 3 times to make sure lol.
Comment removed.
PandaBull PandaBull
@PandaBull, I searched 15 minutes for you a foreign person. MY PLEASURE and no wonder you cannot find it, they try to hide it. THEY REALLY TRIED IT. what a bunch of douchbags. I wish you all the best now feel free to exit that shitstock.
reverse stocksplit of 4000:1 yea that s the reason why no demand genius
NAK1987 PandaBull
@PandaBull, I have been all through CARE's news and found nothing of the sort and am pretty sure you are confused .
Maybe you are thinking of another ticker by accident ?

Please confirm your source ....with a link if possible . I am no genius but I do my best
to adequately research a stock before recommending/buying anything and if you are correct, ill update my publication . Cheers
NAK1987 NAK1987
@NAK1987, For anyone else that would like to do their due diligence as per PandaBulls comment, here is a link to CARE's news on their website. I cant find anything about a reverse split and I'm pretty sure their comment is incorrect.
NAK1987 NAK1987

Think I figured it out , pretty sure PandaBull is confusing CARE with a different ticker, Option Care health or OPCH.

OPCH has recently undergone a 4/1 reverse split , that's my best guess at least . CARE has no history of reverse splits so we are good to go in that regards .
PandaBull NAK1987
@NAK1987, I search the news for you, it was printed right into my reuters terminal. because yea CARE seemed to be a gem, then right before i was about to buy, I got the news and was like WHAAAAAT, what a coincidence. Might need to ask the SEC about you.