time to spark up $CLSK

NASDAQ:CLSK   CleanSpark, Inc
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My team has been analyzing sustainable energy tyrant $CLSK for the past couple of weeks. $CLSK converts waste materials into SynGas. $CLSK uses its SynGas as clean and renewable fuel for power plants and motor vehicles.

My team really loves this play. We're excited about the growth potential of $CLSK, but we also support the good they do. We can't enjoy life and the opportunities that money brings if we the human race continues to harm the planet. Shout out to $CLSK and all other organizations and individuals who're playing their role in cleaning up the environment.

We entered $CLSK today at $17.15 per share and have set our first take profit at $29.

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Comment: We have removed the stop loss from this trade. We support $CLSK in what they do and are willing to hold.