SINGAPORE COVID Wave 3 Projection Update XI

Singapore just made the USA travel advisory list... and we have not yet even open borders.
SG just need to first get its house in order, then dreams will work out.

Anyways, I was having a chat about the astronomical numbers (by SG standards) and we looked at the charts. Then we projected where there might be peaking out. Knowing full well that in Indonesia and Malaysia, they saw a peak out after 2 months, with or without effective lockdowns. Collateral damage aside, the peak infected numbers levelled off, and we wonder when and at what levels Singapore would have hers. August is the chart take off, so October should be about right.

Combined in our discussion, we applied Fibonacci extensions and Gann fan .
Pinpointing a peaking out (levelling off in the cummulative charts) about 100,000-104,000 by mid October 2021.

Here goes nothing!

PS. Albert.. this one for our keeps. This is part our OUR SCRIPT. lolx