COTI breaking out

COTIBTC is coming out of a huge and massive consolidation. It's about to make new highs vs BTC and it is definitely making some very significant higher closes. Actually vs BTC it is looking like something between a slow & steady uptrend, and a huge accumulation.

First target for a correction are its USD and BTC ATHs, but once it chops a bit around those levels and breaks out, it could easily double or triple from here slowly. Both vs USD and BTC it is looking very nice, clean and strong. Nothing in the chart is telling me things are frothy and more upside will eventually come despite what might happen to the rest of the market in case there is crash because of stocks going down.

I truly felt that I had mentioned COTI on Tradingview, but it appears I only did so on twitter or with people I chat with... Really had thought I shared a lot on it especially after the listing on Coinbase and Huobi, which in my opinion are definitely two major catalysts Coti needed to moon. It's fundamentals overall are decent and could keep improving, which is another reason why I like it.