The Inflation Monster & The Crisis Event Indicator

FRED:CPIAUCSL   Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers: All Items in U.S. City Average
How does this affect you? It's a MUCH bigger problem than you realize.

The International/1% Wealth Class receives their Money long before it "trickles down" to you, the worker/consumer. This means they get the benefits of the full value of the Dollar long before inflation eats it away, however, you receive the same dollars much later after inflation has already taken a large portion of it's value. As prices continue to rise, your Gross Income (before taxes) cannot keep up with this constantly inflated value which rolls along every single day, which means you are always behind the curve and with each passing pay period you slowly earn less and less, even if you receive a raise it only takes you back to where you were before but most of the time it is to little to late. Thus, you will always have fewer Dollars since your Gross Income has already lost value even before you receive the Money. This is the hidden tax you've already paid and it is the slow and calculated destruction of the Middle Class. This is why your children are in debt, can't get a job and live in your basement and their children will be homeless. Many years the Inflation Rate is well above the 10yr avg. and is currently rising at the incredible rate of about 16% a year. Don't be fooled by anything MSM says, "Inflation is hitting 3%" nonsense, 16% is a conservative figure and is currently rising. This means that when you get paid about 16% of your paycheck has already vanished, yet you will still pay taxes on the full amount without any benefit, it is money you will never see. Any thought on what impact this might have on a local economy? Now the current Administration wants to raise Taxes even higher which will drive millions of people into poverty and many into bankruptcy. Now add to this another manufactured "Energy Crisis", (similar to 1978, gas lines and skyrocketing gas prices) job loses and the current flood of immigrants crossing the boarder and you have a recipe for complete and total disaster.

Following 9/11, we now live in a state of constant "Crisis" events on a regular schedule in order to curb runaway inflation. Politicians either play the game or they are removed one way or another. MSM continues with endless propaganda to push the "Crisis" narrative. Social Media is now censoring and banning anyone that questions the Crisis Narrative and Free Speech is now under heavy attack. The Second Amendment is under full attack and is a serious threat to those that want to destroy the Untied States at any and all costs to human life is completely irrelevant. This problem can only be reversed with a sound money policy and the end of Fiat currency. The options for people to consider at this point are actually none. Either this Monster is destroyed or it will destroy you, take your pick, but there is no middle ground or compromise. If you do nothing and wish it away as though it doesn't exist, it will eventually destroy you, you will not escape it. There is no solution to this problem in Government, currently they are completely controlled and will only do exactly what they are told, forget calling your Congressman. This beast is like trying to reason with a blazing inferno while holding a blow torch.

The current Crisis Indicator is at an 88.23 and will reach Crisis Level Critical at 96; since 9/11 it has marked a Crisis Event every time. Currently it is rising much faster than it has in the past. Expect anything at any moment, but one thing is certain, this clock does run out.

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